A customs broker will work with importers to check that the documentation, and where necessary, licenses, are in place for the goods they are bringing into the India. They’ll also make sure that the correct duty and taxes are paid, to reduce any delays. Their services can include any of all of the following:
• Checking the classification and valuation of your goods, and making sure you use the right commodity codes.
• Liaising with government agencies and customs authorities on your behalf.
• Advising on any necessary licenses for import of restricted or hazardous goods.
• Preparation and submission of documents which have to be filed to clear customs processes.
• Helping arrange correct payment of import Basic duties, Stamp Duties and IGST as necessary. This handy guide can help you decide whether using a customs broker is the best choice for your business. Read on to learn more about what a customs broker can do for you, what they’ll charge, and the pros and cons of using one for your shipment.

What is a Custom Broker?

✔ A customs broker – sometimes referred to as an import broker – works to make the import and export of goods run smoothly, by facilitating the clearance of goods through customs processes.

✔ Customs brokers are experts in international trade – it’s their job to keep abreast of the changing rules and regulations, and make sure that their clients have all the paperwork and licenses they need to import goods to the India or Export from India.

✔ Customs brokers typically deal with the import/export procedures to release goods from custom after paying all the Duty & IGST, while freight forwarders are experts in logistics including pickup from supplier warehouse up to delivery to your warehouse. However, many freight forwarding agents can also act as customs brokers, dealing with both logistics and customs requirements like Us, we 'Swarex Shipping & Aviation Pvt ltd' having own Custom Clearance licence. If you’re thinking of using a freight forwarder to support the haulage and transport of your goods, it’s worth understanding if they offer import brokerage too.

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✔ About Air Sahar Cargo Complex and the process: - The Customs activities at the Airport and Air Cargo Complex continued with the Mumbai Custom House till 1983 when a separate Collectorate of Customs, Sahar Airport was set up, which was divided into Collectorate of Customs, Airport and Collectorate of Customs, Air Cargo Complex in 1997. This was necessitated because of the remarkable increase in the air traffic with the introduction of wide bodies aircrafts and for effective control of day to day administration at the Airport and Air Cargo Complex. The New Custom House, Bombay was later on divided into three separate Commissionerates in July, 1997 namely Commissionerate of Customs (Imports), Commissionerate of Customs (Export Promotion) and Commissionerate of Customs (General).

✔ With effect from November 2002, there is a separate Commissionerate of Customs for Imports and a separate Commissionerate of Customs for Exports at Air Cargo Sahar. After cadre restructuring, there are now three custom zones in Mumbai. The Import and Export Commissionerate at Custom House Agent in Mumbai and Commissionerate of Custom (general) comes under Mumbai Custom Zone I. Nhava Sheva Custom House (Import and Exports) and Air Cargo Complex Sahar (Both Import Commissionerate and Export Commissionerate) now comes under Mumbai Custom Zone II. Airport Commissionerate and Commissionerate of Customs (Preventive) Mumbai comes under Mumbai Custom Zone III.

✔ Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai is the largest Air Cargo Complex in India in terms of volume of cargo handled, value of cargo, documents filed and revenue collected. as part of modernization of the Air Cargo Terminal has brought significant developments in infrastructure, improvements in process and efficiency with an endeavour of benchmarking our facilities and services with the global standards. Our efforts to offer a wonderful, world class experience to our customers continue with the instigation of proposed Cargo Master Plan which includes state-of-the-art projects and high level automation. Our approach towards modernization has always complemented our endeavour to maintain a market leading position in the Indian air cargo industry. Mumbai's air cargo terminal holds the market leading position in Indian airports with the highest air cargo handled throughout to the tune of over 0.9 million metric tons per annum. The figure re-establishes our strength and success in the air cargo domain.

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