Call Now : +91-7399779797. We offer Customs Clearance Agents in Chennai Port. If you’re relatively new to importing, then having some support to navigate the customs processes is certainly helpful. Not only does it reduce the stress of importing, it also means that you don’t need to invest time and energy in learning about customs regulations yourself, or employ someone else in house to do so. You might find that a standalone customs broker is what you need – or you might choose to use a freight forwarding companies in mumbai which can also offer support with import brokerage. If you find that you’re importing high volumes of products, it might become worth learning more about the customs processes required, and bringing this in house. However, in the early days, many importers prefer to use an outsourced provider for peace of mind.

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How To Find A Customs Broker?

If you’re using a freight forwarder to arrange the transport logistics of your delivery, then it is worth asking if they offer customs and import brokerage too. If they do, this could be a good choice, as it means you’re only dealing with one outsourced provider rather than several. Because the services on offer are tailored to your specific delivery, you’ll need to give some details about what you’re importing to generate a quote. Get a number of itemised quotes for comparison, and don’t forget to check the credentials of any broker you are considering. Look for client reviews, and talk to them yourself if possible to make sure you trust their abilities and experience. Using a customs broker to help clear your delivery through Chennai port customs can make life much easier. You’ll pay for the service, but it can reduce the risks involved in importing, and mean that you get your goods more quickly. Most importantly, it’ll remove a distraction, and free you up to focus on your business. Often, that’s money well spent.

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We are one of the most experienced global Firm involves in international sourcing, purchasing & Logistics companies in mumbai with own Customs House Brokering License so we completely have known the Complexity process of the Customs and constantly changing Basic Duty, IGST, Documentation, sea fright and other expense. we have an exclusive Service for those who just want to be relaxed and don’t want to involve in any of these above……We Charge a fix Amount depending upon the Products to products. You just have to pay that Amount and your Goods will be delivered to your export country Warehouse & Vice-versa. So whether you want to Import or Export, before shipment you know the Door to Door Price. After we collect the goods Our main moto is satisfaction of our clients and nothing else. We work for goodwill and not for earning profit.

History & About Chennai Port:

The little fishing village called ChennaPatnam, which was founded in 1639, became prominent during the early part of the 18th Century when the East India Company was active on the East Coast. In the absence of the Harbour, the Shipping Companies in mumbai ships were anchored about quarter mile offshore and the cargo to and from the ships were transported through small lighters called Masula boats. As the loss of cargo while transporting through Masula boats was high, it was proposed to build a pier to berth larger crafts and an Iron screw pile pier was built in 1861 to a length of 1,100 ft., perpendicular to the shore during November 1881, due to violent cyclone over half a mile of breakwater was breached and equipment’s and human lives lost. Though there was a demand for relocating the entrance, the restoration was resumed in 1885.
Port of Chennai (Madras then!) until the year 1875, was simply an open roadstead on open sandy coast swept by storms and occasional monsoons. Sir Francis Spring, the then Chairman of Madras Port Trust in 1904 created a new North-Eastern Entrance after closing the original Eastern Entrance to control the siltation of the channel in front of the basin. Subsequently Quays were constructed at different periods (i.e) South Quay-I in 1913, the five West Quay berths in 1916 to 1920, North Quay in 1931 and South Quay II in 1936 in the Inner Harbour which was later, christened as Dr.Ambedkar Dock. The official inauguration of the wet dock was done on 6th November 1964 by Shri. Lal Bahadur Shastri, the then Prime Minister of India. The dock was christened Jawahar Dock in memory of Shri. Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister.

The Bharathi Dock was originally constructed as an outer Harbour to handle vessels up to (-)16.2 M draft. An Oil jetty to handle Crude Oil imported by the Manali Oil Refinery (presently Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd) was constructed initially during the year 1970. An Iron Ore berth was constructed in the same dock in 1974 for exporting Iron Ore to Japan and other Far East countries. Subsequently one more oil jetty was constructed during the year 1985 to meet the additional demand for crude/products In 1970s the Madras Port Trust started handling containers in Inner Harbour and as the container traffic was increasing, a Container Terminal of 380 M length was constructed at Bharathi Dock during the year 1983 as a first full-fledged Container Hub of the Country with Container Storage Yard of 51,000 sq.m and a Container Freight Station of 6000 sq.m. area. The terminal was provided with two shore cranes and other shore facilities required for Container Terminal. Subsequently the terminal was further extended by 220 M during the year 1991 with additional two shore cranes and other matching infrastructural facilities. As the container traffic was constantly increasing the terminal was further extended by 285 M, during July 2002. This Container Terminal of 885 M total berth length with backup area was privatized under concessional agreement with M/s. Chennai Container Terminal Private Ltd., on BOT basis for 30 years from November 2001. Consequent to the renaming of the city of Madras as Chennai with effect from 30.9.1996, the Madras Port Trust has been renamed as Chennai Port Trust. With the number of car manufacturing companies located around Chennai, potential exists for large-scale car exports through pure car carriers (PCC) shipment. In fact, shippers have already started from July, 2000 onwards.

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