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Finding And Choosing A Freight Forwarder
As with all aspects of international trade, it pays to do your research before choosing a freight forwarder to look after the transportation of your goods. Draw up a shortlist of at least three and compare them before selecting one.

Experience and Credentials

The best freight forwarders will be able to tell you about their company history, their freight forwarder network and partnerships, and their licensing. They should also be able to share testimonials from exporters who trust them.

Questions to Ask

How many years has your company been in business?
How many people are on your staff? How many years have they been working with your company?
What is your freight forwarder network like? What global partnerships do you have?
How much experience do you have with types of payment, including letters of credit?
Bear in mind that while there's a relatively small number of major global freight-forwarding companies, there are thousands of smaller specialist operators. As we are international farm so you may be able to gain valuable advice from your freight forwarder. In the same way that accountants are often a useful source of general business advice, working with a freight forwarder can be a good way of learning about international trade Other things you should find out about your shortlisted candidates include:

which ancillary services they can provide, and how they charge for them
how long they've been running and how well established they are - ask for references
how willing they are to explain the process to you as it unfolds - this can be a valuable learning opportunity if you're new to international trading the overall cost for their services.
You will get best service for Flexi tank forwarding at Swarex Shipping & aviation Pvt Ltd. Flexi tank is a bulk liquid container constructed of multiple layers of polyethylene with an outer covering of woven polypropylene with volume from 12 up to 26 thousand litters, for transportation of any non-hazardous liquids using the standard 20-foot sea or railway container. In other words, it converts a 20ft container from a dry goods carrier to a liquid carrier. It is fitted in an ocean container, providing a healthier and cost-effective alternative to shippers of bulk liquid products. Flexi tanks are made using custom formulated blended polyethylene, the ingredients of which are approved by the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) for the carriage of a wide range of liquid foodstuffs. They are also approved by stringent international bodies for the carriage of bulk liquid products - rendering it safe and sound, and making it a highly environmental-friendly packaging medium. It is for single use. Flexi tanks offer a dynamic, flexible, safe and cost effective solution for all bulk liquid transport requirements.

Why choose us

FlexiTank LCL Shipment Services

(2579 Ratings & Reviews) 4.5 Average Ratings

Advantages Of Using Flexitanks
Cost effective and considerably cheaper than tank containers, drums and IBC’s
15% more payload than IBCs
44% more payload than drums
50% more payload than bottles
No cleaning cost, no disposal costs
Low labour for handling, filling and loading
Very low positioning costs
Door to door delivery
Faster loading compared to drums and IBCs
Lower product loss for unloading
No need for forklift to load or unload container
No need for intermediate bulk storage
Available in remote areas
Clean and environment friendly, recyclable
No risk of contamination
No demurrage on flexitank only on container
No return loads needed
Maximized payload due to lightweight
No delays due to obtaining bulk tanks because of the imbalance of global freight traffic

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