ICD means Inland Container Depot situated at inland points away from sea ports. ICD is a term used in India in the field of Imports and Export of sea shipments. ICD is formed to help importers and exporters to handle their shipments near their place of location. If the sea port is away from the places of importers and exporters Inland Container Depot (ICD) helps them to save time and money in the procedures and formalities. In Inland Container Depot (ICD), a combination of services of sea custodian, customs department, carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers etc. are carried out to facilitate exporters and importers for smooth handling of cargo. ICD is also act as Dry port or CFS in many countries.

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Inland Container Depot, Tughlakabad (TKD), New Delhi

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Inland Container Depot, Tughlakabad was commissioned on 1st September 1993. It is situated on southeast of Delhi. It is the flagship terminal of CONCOR and is pioneer in development of containerisation in the country. ICD/TKD is India's biggest dry port. Its hinterland comprises of all states of Northern and Western India. ICD/TKD has daily train services to gateway ports, JNPT, GTIL, NSCT, PPSP and MDPT. It has new state of the art equipment and facilities, coupled with an excellent rail linkage to the gateway ports. It also touches the NH-2 and is conveniently located, having approach to major roads in Delhi connecting all National Highways leading out of the state.

Inland Container Depot, ICD Patparganj, New Delhi

Commenced operation in 1984 as a Container Freight Station (CFS) with Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC), a Govt. of India Undertaking, as the Custodian. Initially, it handled the work of export cargo and Import cargo on LCL (Less Container Load) basis. It was then working as an extension of the ICD at Tughlakabad and transportation of containers was only through ICD: TKD. In 1994, CWC was granted permission for movement of Full Container Load (FCL) and export reefer containers from this port to Delhi Gateway port by road transport.

In April, 1995 this station was upgraded to the status of full-fledged ICD and declared as an independent port under the Customs Act, 1962. By a Public Notice, the CWC was permitted to transport all export containers by road directly to the Gateway Ports. As there is no rail head available as yet, the movement of the containers by rail continues to take place through ICD: TKD. The movement of containers between the two ICDs is taking place by road. The CWC provides office space for Customs staff, PNB and Shipping Lines. There has been an upward movement of traffic and revenue from this port. You can consult the CWCTariff regarding the Tariff for Storage/Ground Rent charges at ICD Patparganj.

while other services embodies area of clearing & forwarding, handling & transportation, procurement & distribution, disinfestation services, fumigation services and other ancillary activities. Apart from this, CWC offers consultancy services/ training for the construction of warehousing infrastructure to different agencies.

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